Lagos Adventure - Kayak Ponta da Piedade - Lagos - Portugal

Kayak Ponta da Piedade

Join Us For an Safe and Eco-Adventure with a Lagos Adventure!

COVID-19, Find Out What We Are Doing ...

Lagos Adventure - Kayak Ponta da Piedade - Lagos - Portugal


Lagos Adventure - Kayak Ponta da Piedade - Lagos - Portugal


Lagos Adventure - Kayak Ponta da Piedade - Lagos - Portugal


Here are the steps we are taking to help protect the health and safety of our customers and staff during Covid-19.

Enjoy the outdoors with confidence!

  1. Established a check in area outside.
  2. Credit Cards will be accepted.
  3. Increased gear cleaning protocols.
  4. We are limiting the number of guests on tour.
  5. Kayak tours will adhere to safety distancing..
  6. Staff and guests who are sick will be asked to stay home and provided a full refund.
  7. Everyone will be encouraged to wear a mask in the Check-In area and on Boat transportation.
  8. Everyone will be asked to wash their hands prior to touring.
  9. Hand sanitizer will be available on tour.

This is a challenging time for all of us, but our first priority is the safety of our guests, staff, and community.

Thank you

Lagos Adventure - Kayak Ponta da Piedade - Lagos - Portugal

Lagos Adventure is certified by Turismo de Portugal with the Clean & Safe certificate and we reviewed safety procedures and internal hygiene protocols, ensuring the necessary conditions to avoid contagion risks and the guarantee of safe and rigorous procedures for the functioning of our Tours.

But it’s time to venture into the breathtaking scenery and to relive experiences that fill our souls. We miss being with you and together we discover the best that Lagos has to show us.



Children (4 till 11yo)

Onboard our Catamaran, we go from Lagos Marina to Batata or D.Ana beach, there, the real Kayak Adventure begins …

Ponta da Piedade is possibly one of the most beautiful natural scenery of the Algarve coast. Here the coast is formed by dense corroded cliffs, which have been carved in rocky pillars, natural tunnels, and hidden caves. These irregularly deformed sandstone cliffs stand in stark contrast to the peaceful turquoise and green deep waters, because of that the whole region is simply breathtaking.

To observe the cliffs from the sea, the visitors can take part in the organized excursions by Catamaran and later with our Double Kayaks, which navigate through the labyrinth of these unique formations in an ecologic way.

Situated prominently on the promontory of Ponta da Piedade is a traditional lighthouse, which has been watching international expeditions from the dangerous rocks since its construction and you can go with us on the Lagos Adventure Kayak tour, it’s an excellent excursion in Ponta da Piedade with 2 Hours and a half, from Marina de Lagos, exploring the cliffs, you can enjoy a magnificent experience.

 It is with great respect and a dose of magic that we share the wonderful coast where we were born and lived. We will do this through a trip, initially by boat to save all our energy to the point where we descend with the kayaks. Why kayaks? The answer is simple! This means of transport, in addition to not polluting, also allows us a stunning view of the coast, almost as if we were part of it. As we explore, we return to the past by sharing stories, many of them funny.

Stop looking at the hands of the clock, disconnect and enjoy the moment is one of the rarest things we can do today. This trip is for that. Are you ready?


Frequently Asked Questions

– Sunblock,
– Towel,
– Warm change of clothes,
– Waterproof Camera/Phone,
– Swim-Wear,
– Thermal Top and Thermal Leggings to wear under a Wetsuit (November-March),
– A sense of fun and adventure,
– Snacks,
– Bottle of Water (we have).

We recommend you to wear your favourit swim-wear and bring your own wetsuit and water shoes if you are a water sport pro.
During summer we recommend you to wear your preferred swim-wear and bring lots of sun block.
During the winter we recommend you to wear your preferred swim wear under a thermal top and thermal leggings which you can put a wetsuit over to stay warmer if needed. We recommend you are wearing these swim-wear and under layers underneath normal clothing on pick-up. Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

Kayak tours operate at:
– 15th Febrary till 31st March – 12pm
– 1st April till 31st Mai – 10H30am and 2pm
– 1st June til 15th September – 9H30am, 13pm, 4pm
– 16th September till 31st October – 10H30am and 2pm
– 1st November till 31st December – 12pm

– Me and Ricardo welcome you at the Gate ABCD in Marina de Lagos, in front of Pizza Hut restaurant.
– We wear a Bright Yellow/Green T-Shirt, very easy to identify us.
– Please arrive 15 minutes at the meeting point before the tour.
– Just in case you come by car, there is a free parking on the back of the building of Marina de Lagos, near the train station. – There are lots of parking places there.
– This is the google maps link:

NO ! – Half of the people we take Kayaking have never Kayaked before and the other half of the people we take kayaking have only kayaked a few times.

No !! We do not provide neoprene wetsuits or neoprene wet-shoes to keep you warm in winter. In sumer wetsuits and water-shoes are not required.

YES !! It is ok if you cannot swim. Every person we take on the water is supplied a personal flotation device which helps to keep you afloat should you fall in the water. Our guides are trained at assisting you back onto your kayak so help is usually easily on hand. You are required to notify your guide prior to entering the water if you cannot swim.

At kayak Lagos Adventure we are not sending you flying over waterfalls in rafts or towing you behind boats at 40km/hr. We are very lucky that in Ponta da Piedade- Lagos the waters are very calm and clear. However as with any water-based and transportation activities there are inherent and assumed risks. We have a comprehensive and safe operational plan, a vehicle and driver policy and a navigation safety license to operate and we are always striving to minimize risks during our activities.

NO !! The Tours operate all year round. Customers in winter love our tours just the same as customers in summer !!

The minimum age for Kayak tours is 5 years old. Any person under 17 years old most be accompanied by a responsible adult. We advise families with young children to choose our first kayak tour of the day, instead of the others Tours.

While greater levels of fitness generally help in all aspects of life, you do not need to be any kind of athlete to take part in our tours, kayaking on the Ponta da Piedade Coastline is generally a relaxing more leisure type activity.

Most Ponta da Piedade tours are on the water for about 1 or 1.15 hours.  It is about as much as most people would like to be on the water.  If you want to be on the water for a longer time, then consider hiring us with a private Kayak Tour.

We generally return to the Marina de Lagos approximately 2.5 hours following the scheduled tour time.  Of course traffic and other factors can come into play.

– Our kayaks allow easy entry to shallow and narrow waterways that would be inaccessible to larger motorized vessels.

– Silence is golden.  Without a large motor disturbing the natural setting, we are able to quietly view the wildlife and landscape as it is naturally without having to bait the waters to generate any excitement.

– Education. Our guides have a thorough understanding and knowledge of the history, geology, zoology, and current environmental issues regarding our Coast

– Our Meeting Point is in Marina de Lagos and we start the Tour in a Catamaran with all the equipment on board. The position of the Boat is B11 on the ABCD Gate.
– We provide the google maps link to the GPS.
– It’s very easy to find us, we wear bright yellow/Green T-Shirts 

Only for private tours and groups of 8+Pax only.

We do our best to make our tours as inclusive as possible.  As long as you are comfortable trying…so are we.

As long as you carry your trash away with you it is fine to bring a light snack on both Boat and Kayak.  We recommend saving your appetite for the city, we have plenty of places to recommend.  We have Water on the boats.

Yes, it is appropriate to tip the tour guides. Tips will have to be in the form of cash.  We will not be able to charge a credit card for a tip. If your guide really works hard and you think he gave a great tour, let him know how much you appreciate it!

Due to high demand, we strongly recommend reservations. If you arrive without a reservation, we will try to accommodate you to our best ability. To prevent this, it is easy to make reservations online, by phone or WhatsApp ahead of time via (+351) 968792803


Lagos Adventure - Kayak Ponta da Piedade - Lagos - Portugal
Lagos Adventure - Kayak Ponta da Piedade - Lagos - Portugal
Daniel Review Airbnb
Daniel March 2020

When I decided to go Lagos, all I wanted to do was to join a kayak along the golden cliff of Lagos. I messaged this company and Humberto replied me very instantly to tell me if the weather permits they will carry on with the activity, if not they will refund, what a thoughtful and humane business model. On the day itself , it was really windy, he told me I could still cancel with Airbnb if I really wanted to, and I will get full refund however I still insisted to go on since I'm in Lagos anyways. Upon getting on the boat, we realised it was just my wife and me who signed up for the tour, yet they still welcomed me like we are part of the crew with soulful introduction about lagos history and cliff . The overall experience was really one in a million , you could tell they are really enjoying what they are doing, they are treating you as part of them, not just a business. We really had an amazing time with Humberto and his entire crew. Dont hesitate , just join them and experience the best of Lagos with them!

Gan Review Airbnb
Gan March 2020

Great experience riding with Humberto and his team. They let us feel welcomed from the beginning. Gave us clear instructions on how to handle the kayak and made sure that we are safe all the time. Lastly, they are very generous with their knowledge about Portugal and also recommended us places to eat and visit as well. Thumbs up!

Andrea Airbnb Review
Andrea March 2020

We had a great time on the kayak tour through the cliffs of Lagos! We met in the marina where we took a boat out to the calm waters near the shore. While heading out, we were taught proper kayaking technique, and the host's vast knowledge definitely made us feel well-prepared (despite being somewhat novices). Now, the scenery - THAT was incredible!! Unlike anything I've seen before. It was magical kayaking through the caves, learning about each beach and different rock formations. The host was engaging and we felt safe but challenged (an appropriate amount) throughout the kayaking adventure. Following the kayaking, we had a relaxing boat ride back where we could swim, take photos, and better get to know the hosts/guests. A rewarding, scenic, peaceful, and educational experience all around!!

Lagos Adventure - Kayak Ponta da Piedade - Lagos - Portugal
Michèle July 2020

An absolutely beautiful way to see the caves, up close from the water! I am so glad we chose to see them by kayak instead of standing on the deck of a boat. We were also glad we chose this tour, where a catamaran takes the kayaks from the marina to our launch at the first cave. It was great to have a place to return to and relax after paddling around (which wasn't too strenuous), to jump in the water and swim around a bit. The duration of the tour was perfect! Humberto was really great at communicating, sending us clear directions of where to park and meet. He also graciously allowed us to change the day of our tour after my husband injured his hand while surfing the day before we were scheduled to kayak. He and Ricardo make a great team!

Pedro June 2020

If you are in the Algarves, you definitely have to book this trip. It was simply amazing. We are beginners in kayaking and it was easy and we had a blast. We enjoyed this more than our boat trips: more connected to the ocean, the tranquility in the caves, and doing a little exercise energises us. Humberto and Ricardo are so great at their jobs, very knowledgeable and you will be placed in the safest hands. Don’t miss this if you’re here, it’s worth it.

Antonia Airbnb Review
Antonia July 2020

Wonderful trip. We saw beautiful caves from the inside, got insider tips and stories from our guide and had the chance to swim in the beautiful sea after. Ricardo and Humberto really take the time to explain the history behind the caves and make you feel at home and welcome! Must do activity!!

AnneRose Airbnb Review
AnneRose July 2020

Amazing day for kayaking, Humberto and Ricardo made us feel welcome. We really got to see all caves there was, chat with them and got to know them a little better. I would totally recommend if you want to connect with people while enjoying a nice holiday. Great experience, fun and laughter!

Laurence Airbnb Review
Laurence September 2020

What a perfect experience in the Algarve, our hosts were lovely, thoughtful and very welcoming which made the whole adventure more enjoyable. They also took a lot of photos for us to be able to remember it for the rest of our lives. 100% recommended! Muito muito obrigada Humberto!

Lagos Adventure - Kayak Ponta da Piedade - Lagos - Portugal
Bill October 2019

The kayak tour with Humberto and Ricardo was great! It was definitely a highlight of our trip. I went with my 60 year old mother who did not have much kayaking experience and was actually quite nervous, but Humberto assured us the tour would be safe and easy for a beginner. He was right! We both had an incredible time. Ricardo was an amazing tour guide, providing lots of historical nuggets about Lagos and Portugal in general throughout the tour. Some other notes - we went on our tour in mid October and the weather was in the high 50s/low 60s. There are no wetsuits, so we just wore bathing suits and long sleeve shirts. I was nervous that we'd be too cold on the water, but you get rowing you warm up quickly.

Thomas October 2019

We had the most amazing excursion with Humberto and Ricardo. The day was perfection both in weather and excursion. Ricardo is and excellent and caring kayaking guide. Our group was made up of a variety of ages and experience levels. We all felt safe and very well looked after. They took us to the most breathtaking spaces. The cliffs and caves are so enchanting and terrifying and beautiful. Portugal is amazing but Lagos is...spectacular! Thank you for a wonderful day.

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